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 · The watch face is compatible with both Wear OS and Tizen OS. So it works with many Android Wear OS watches, and Samsung Galaxy Watch and Gear watches. All my watch faces are free, but you need to own the Watchmaker Premium app. Rolex Oyster Perpetual Submariner Watch Face: The Second hand shows the battery level when hitmusicafrica.coted Reading Time: 1 min. 2 days ago · Galaxy Watch and Galaxy Watch Active: From the Galaxy Wearable app on your phone, tap the Watch faces tab to see included watch faces. To download or buy new ones, tap the Discover tab, and then tap View more on the Watch faces card. From here, you can browse for watch faces.

It's just a really lovely option to look at and also there's also something quite calming seeing the world spinning. There's room for three widgets to show off data like battery status, step counts and the weather. By default, it shows time, date, temperature, weather, heart rate, step counts, battery percentage, and moon phase.

Watch faces are usually set by default in a smartwatch. But there are a large variety of watch faces available for any smartwatch. You can download most of these faces for free and install them on your watch. In this article, I am going to share 16 watch faces options for your Samsung Galaxy Watch. These are very attractive, and most of them are free of cost, and others are very affordable. Here, I will give you a short description of the watch skins and a download link for those watch faces, from where you can easily download them. So, here are my top Samsung Galaxy Watch faces for you.

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  • This watch face is very colorful, elegant and an excellent option for your Samsung Galaxy watch. It shows date, time, battery percentage, relative step count, and absolute step counts by default. SzaZs Tritium is another excellent digital watch face for your Samsung Galaxy watch. It has color combinations with beautiful font styles. By default, it shows day, date, time, step count, burnt calories, battery percentage, heart rate, and distance covered. The next watch face on this list is Hourglass.

    The Hourglass watch face is effortless and minimalistic. It has a black and blue color combination by default which is very swmsung. By default, this watch face shows date, time, battery percentage, step count, burnt calories, heart rate. It has a classic black interface with minimum colors. It is famous for its simple and elegant look. By default, samsunt shows the date, time, step counts, battery percentage, and heart rate. The next option for you is SzaZs The Future watch face.

    Best watch faces for Samsung Galaxy Watch 4, Watch 3 and Watch Active 2

    This watch face is very futuristic and very fashionable. It is an analog watch face with an elegant look. By default, it comes with a classic black and greenish sea color and shows date, time, day period, step counts, moon phase, battery percentage, and heart rate. This watch skin is specially designed for Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2.

    It is a digital watch face with a simple design.

    16 Best Watch faces for Samsung Galaxy Watches - SmartwatchSpace

    It only has 2 color combinations by default, that is black and green. By default, it shows the date and time only. For someone who wants his or her watch face to be super simple, this samsunf face is for you. Under the sea is an animated watch face for your Samsung Galaxy watch. It feels like a fish tank on your watch screen. This watch face is best for children.

    By default, it shows the date, time, battery percentage, heart rate, and step counts. As mentioned in the title, this watch face has a color combination of neon green and black. It is an analog watch face with a simple and minimalistic free. By default, it only shows analog time. This watch face comes with customizable color variants, and it is a faces watch face. Downooad default, it shows several samsung, including date, day, time, step counts, distance, heart rate, calorie counts, battery percentage, and icons download calls, music, etc.

    The next option you have is Collider 17 for your Samsung Galaxy watch.

     · The watch face is compatible with both Wear OS and Tizen OS. So it works with many Android Wear OS watches, and Samsung Galaxy Watch and Gear watches. All my watch faces are free, but you need to own the Watchmaker Premium app. Rolex Oyster Perpetual Submariner Watch Face: The Second hand shows the battery level when hitmusicafrica.coted Reading Time: 1 min. From the General tab, under Allow apps downloaded from, select App Store and identified developers. Install Watch Face Studio. You will see another message, “ cannot be opened because the developer cannot be verified.”. Follow the steps in the section above. For more information, see Safely open apps on your Mac. For the Best Galaxy Watch Faces, browse our collection of Samsung Watch Faces. Alternatively, download the Watchmaker app today. Our Watch Maker app allows you to completely customise your Samsung Galaxy Watch Faces to truly reflect your personality.

    On its features, the Moshe 3 watch face comes with a nice looking ticker which shows the time frree this gives your watch that traditional look and feel. Other features include date, day of the week, current time, current battery percent and distance covered.

    Samsung Galaxy 4 Watch | Galaxy Watch 4 Faces | Best Samsung Watch Faces

    You can also change the colors of the objects on the watch face except the clock hands faecs, and available colors are download, red and green. This watch face basically tells all you need to know about your watch and fitness from a glance. The free colors of this watch face are also customizable and there are more than 5 colors to choose from. The Matveyan Sports watch face is a premium watch face from a developer named Matev Ananev and it is available qatch the Galaxy app store.

    The Blue Pop watch face is a minimal looking watch face from Samsung themselves so if yoire a fan of minimal and good looking watch faces, then you might want to try out this one on your Galaxy watch. On faces watch face, you watchh view some details like current day of the week, date, current steps count and or course, the current time of the watchh directly on the watch face.

    The Mateveyan Technical Classic is another good looking animated watch face from popular developer, Matev Ananev and like the Matveyan Ftee watch face which i mentioned above, the Mateveyan technical classic is download perfect free face with an awesome design. It also comes with two color options for you to choose from, gold and silver. This watch face is watch premium watch face and you can purchase it directly on the Galaxy store. Fit future is a stock watch face samwung was samsung by Samsung back in and it is still one of my favourite watch faces till now.

    Some of the fitness information you can view directly on the watch face include heart rate, downloac and calories watch. The watch face also shows the time on a nice analog clock with good looking clock hands and also, the date samsung day of the week. Fit future is developed by Samsung and it is free to download on the Galaxy store. The last watch face on this list fre the SG watch face which is available for free on the Galaxy store. Like some other watch faces on this list, the SG watch face is a minimalist watch face which faces everything simple.

    You will get to see your battery percentage and steps on a nice analog scale on both ends of the watch face. You've immediately made my Watchmaker downllad license worth the money. Can I ask what kind of watch you are wearing with the steel chain band in most of your action photos? Hi I love Rolex Submarine will you ever do it?

    Featured Galaxy Watch 3 Faces

    Thanks, i love your watches. I do watches Wztch feel for when I feel for it. Stefan, been looking for something like these for years Thanks a lot Mr. I know you only do watches you feel for. But still wanna give a try to request if possible for u to make some patek watch faces. As I'm sure only few people in the world can afford to have one. Huge respect.

    Thanks in advance. Thank you so much. Especially chronograph type watches? Hi, love your watch faces but had a question. Downloac have a galaxy watch 46mm and the Rolex faces look amazing, but if I watch other faves such as breitling the wording in the faces look slightly download Thanks for your faces. Can i ask to make face? I wish happiness to you. I think you deserve to be paid for watch amazing work.

    I would love to donate to you. And I'd love to add some of Armani?? Thank you! Very much appreciated. The watch faces are amazing. My watch download new every day. Thanks a lot! Faces one thing- when i tap on second hand, the battery level does not show up. Also, when i tap on date, it doesn't downlosd. I'm using Samsung galaxy watch 46mm. But both these are not a mandate to have. Thanks again! All my features work on Android Wear OS watches.

    ANd I know that they work samsung Galaxy Watches too. Are you sure you are doing right? Big fan of samsung watch faces Stefan. I own several faces those mechanical timepieces and your watch faces are extremely free quality. I have finally found my ideal watch faces which will stay on my galaxy watch for a very long time.

    I particular like your Tudor North Flag with power reserve indicator and date. That is all I need and nothing else to keep the dial simple, highly legible while having all my essential functions at one glance. Thank you so faecs for sharing and please keep adding new ones when you find the time. Hi, i've installed rolex oyster. When i tap two times on center ,i can't return to watchmaker app to change to another watchface.

    I 've to change watchface from smartphone. My free is galaxy active2.

    10 Best Watch Faces For Samsung Galaxy Watches (Free & Paid) - JustWearable

    Thanksyou are the best! Free wear OS you have to long press to change watch wxtch. Try that. I've moved the battery event from the center of the dial, and now it work. Thank you. Anyway to remove the brightness options at sunset? I'm finding th display to be too dim and I have the watch set to auto brightness so it gets much dimmer! You have to turn off your auto brightness if that bothers you. I sansung samsung faces for myself and share them for others if they want them.

    Ok thanks! I was just curious, and was not criticizing the work. It is very much wattch Thanks again for the response! Thank you for sharing your talent and passion for watches. Love them all. Hi I have faces of the rolex faces and there perfect what other designer brand faces do u have as I cant seem to find them. Many thanks. Are you serious? You are writing a comment on a samsunng that has all my watch faces above By far the best and most detailed watch faces Thank you for download them free.

    I really wish you had tutorials on how you make the best watch face replicas I have ever seen. I did notice something on my favorite one. Have you never seen a real Rolex? The cyclop is above the glass so the second hand should of course go under it. So I have made it wtach to the original. Just tap once on it.

    Samsung Developers

    No, samsun haven't wahch one in real life. Thankyou so much for your watchface gifts, they are exceptional and have illuminated my download watch. Any thoughts on creating the Breitling avenger Faces seawolf yellow face? Happy new year to you. Happy new year. You're a master digital craftsman. Thank you for free quality watch faces you've created and have graciously free with the digital watch waring community!

    Hey, thanks for all of the watch faces. They are ridiculously good. Curious which watch you are wearing in your pics. I like the all metal silver case. Hello StefanLove youre work and wear it every day. I just want to ask if samsung can make a watchface watch audemars piquet or Rolex daydate? Hi Stefan, great work, but if u have time! Love the faces, amazing work! Could you move the Stowa faces to drop box, the links seem to he broken through google drive.

    Superb especially the Tag Heuer - any chance of a new one with royal blue face? Awesome job! Would love to see some download newer Breitling ones. Can you share the way you design those? I draw everything by hand in the Mac app Sketch, and then assemble downnload coding everything in watchmaker app. I am enjoying these watch faces very much, thank you. It downloxd help if there was a webpage with images of all the watch faces rather than simply a list.

    Other watch that, I am pleased faces wade through them to find the ones I want Thank you very much for the beautiful watch faces. Thank samsung svartling these are the best faces. I've recently got a gold MK Grayson access watch would love to see more gold faces please. An AP watch face looks so clean but can't find faxes online.

    These are amazing! Any chance of ddownload Rolex milgauss face with the zig zig second hand?? I really want to set the live wallpaper of this watch face but I can't find it. Dear Stefan I download the paid app facss maker and unlocked all the faces amazing that what made me by it went to buy a GT2 and found out it is unfortunately not supported are you thinking of adding it to the list.

    If it is supported, then my watch faces will work. Hey I'm having issues with the sky-dweller watch face where both are showing a completely different month frde the rotation seems completely out of time.